"Mi Kasa es tu Kasa"

KASA is a free-to-try, light-weight secure access utility that runs on Windows and makes editing Unix and Linux files easy and fun.

With the ability to connect to Unix and Linux systems through a secure access interface, you can use the Notepad++ text editor to edit files and see all control characters and hidden characters. The KASA utility was concocted as a way to avoid requiring user experience with Emacs, Vi, Vim or Nano.

1. To run KASA, download the latest here.

2. Unpack the zip file and unblock the files.

3. Run KASA and begin building your Linux and Unix site list.

4. Connect to a site. Pick a local folder and select a file from the site.

5. An arrow appears. Use the arrow to bring the file down to your local folder and select "Edit".

6. With Notepad++, the file can be modified with "show all characters" enabled.

Done. When edits are completed, use the red arrow to push the file back to the site.

It is free-to-try for a couple of connections to demonstrate the value it brings in connecting you with your technologies.

Download KASA version 1 here.

Questions or comments?
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email: info@kasa-web.com

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